University HQ


Located on a busy intersection off Jalan Bukit Gambir lies a new global headquarters for an international university in Penang, Malaysia. The building sits on a tight hillside edge providing a challenging brief. A U-shaped glass volume was created encasing the site, ensuring more occupants having direct access to the windows and natural daylight. The slight curvy floor plates cuts confidently through the 9 storey glass facade creating generous overhangs that protects occupants from direct evening sunlight. This is further enhanced by horizontal fins that multiplies as the floor gets higher.

As a result of the U-shaped volume, an intimate and private atrium is created. A two level retail centre completes the site providing office workers and nearby residents a choice of cafes, restaurants and shops. Just in front of the main entrance lies a strip of park which is adequately landscaped and protected from the scorching Malaysian sun. An intelligent rooftop garden collects rainwater whilst providing users a great view of the island.


interior massing-study copy section-perspective-v01