Research through travels


Amer Ismail is an avid traveller and researcher – to date he has travelled to over 40 countries in 5 continents all within the past decade. “I often observe my peers giving insightful thoughts on buildings they like/dislike without ever seeing it. Buildings in realtime differs from what you see from the glossy pages of architectural magazines and websites. I’ve learnt a lot by visiting these buildings and see how they react to the surroundings”.

He believes that the best buildings responds positively with its culture, environment and time. Sustainability lies in the forefront of his beliefs. Therefore no two buildings should ever be the same. Amer Ismail often documents his journeys and findings within a sketchbook which he carries along wherever he travels.

Amer believes that travel had broaden his mind into the importance of intelligent urban design integration into his designs. Successful buildings and cities around the world were built upon its immediate user and the city as a whole. He is also interested in the intricate craftsmanship often integrated in buildings of yesteryears “A successful building is a work of an art in all manners”. His travel sketches have been published last year in London.

← An intricate palace design in Jaisalmer, India which actively collects water for the palace’s consumption.